From September 25-27 2020, Wodan Security, Germanys premier company for tactical- and close protection training invites close protection specialist from all around the world to the 5th international bodyguard conference.

The 5th international bodyguard conference will be held in the ATAC training center, located in the Czech Republic.

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Wodan Securities CEO Ralf Kassner, former GSG9 Operator

Ralf Kassner, CEO of Wodan Security already teased us with his program. As always he managed to bring the elite of tactical trainers from all around the globe on one spot.

For self defense Fred Mastro will teach parts pf his Mastro Defence System. Fred Mastro is a respected combatives and self defence trainer and we are really looking forward to this.

Another main focus will be tactical medicine in difficult environments like darkness and confined spaces. As Wodan Securities mantra says: “Train hard, fight hard!”

Wodan Security will run a SF shooting parcours to build stress resistance for various tactical shooting scenarios. This seems like a very challenging opportunity to consolidate critical skills.

A very important topic will be reconnaissance and observation tactics during close protection operations. We are really looking forward to this, as reconnisaince is an often underestimated or misunderstood fundamental of close protection.

Check out RBT for the announcement of the other instructors and also the vendors.

You will be able to register for IBC 2020 soon at Wodan Security.

If you are not sure About attending the 5th IBC check out our After Action Review on last years International Bodyguard Conference.