Author: RedBeardOne

Qore Performance Iceplate

„Building a superhuman future“ „Ice Age EcoSystem“ …, as soon as I read such premises I usually ignore them and shift them into the realm of tactical pseudo science. There are a lot of „gamechangers“ in the industry and as soon as I read about them I turn my head, look back and continue with what Iam using. I applied the same procedure when hearing about Qore Performance the first time a few years ago. If you had asked me 5 years ago, I would have betted that this company wouldnt be relevant in 2023 anymore. But it seems Iam not always able to predict the future.

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Tracer Tactical SCOUT

Looking at the chestrig market, we have seen a lot of concepts floating around. From fully modular chestrigs like the TT MAV, the classic „british style“ Arktis chestrigs with their iconic flapped double magazine pouches, to scalable specialist solutions. But if there is one chestrig type that I would deem the „most universal“ or even successful type of all of those it would be the „rack type“ chestrig. Racks basically work based on the simple truth that anyone who carries a rifle will carry rifle mags. Therefore a rack style chestrig usually consists out of four to eight single or double stack integrated magcells. The rest of a racks surface is covered in PALS webbing.

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