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The concept of a rigid “plate frame” style ballistic suspension system was pioneered by S&S Precision almost a decade ago. Benefits of a rigid plate frame are easy to put into a few sentences. The frame system itself absorbs no water. You can save weight using a skeletonized construction, without suffering from the sagging pouches normally associated with this approach.

Those attributes did certainly catch the attention of many amphibious and maritime units, which often have to carry relatively heavy loads on a small platform, which should be completely hydrophobic.

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From a military perspectiv, physical fitness is a part of a soldiers lethality. Therefore every army around the world uses to have its own physical fitness standards. While not all are exactly the same, there are striking simililarities even outside western armies. Being enduring, dexter, fast and strong is not only an asset. It is an enabler. We all know those pics of guys running around in the latest gear, with a 4000$ AR build but “rocking” a degree of obesity that wont let them go anywhere with their kit. Every responsible civilian needs to be lethal, therefore he needs to be fit and touch a certain baseline.

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No matter if you are civilian, military or law enforcement. Chances are good that the firefight you have trained for will include vehicles. We are not talking armored personnel carriers or IFVs here, we are talking unarmored civilian vehicles.
No matter which environment, vehicles are usually present either as your own asset, the enemies asset, as a terrain feature or as a bit of everything. Modern urban environments are packed with vehicles, even rural areas include them. Try to remember the last day you havent seen a vehicle. I bet its been a while. In contrast, when did you see the last 9-hole-barrier while walking the streets?

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Assault Packs

The word assault pack is an often used but barely understood term. In this post we will look at the intention behind an assault pack and ways to carry them.

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Protection Group Denmark NIJ 3++ Plates

Its been a while since our last blogpost, stuff had to be done. Plans had to be made and we are approaching some new milestones. If you want to keep up follow us on Instagram, we also have some exclusive posts and information bits there.

Some months ago Protection Group Denmark approached us with the intention to let us do a review on their plates. We have always been curious about Protection Group Denmark, as they offer ballistic plates that are made in Europe that are available for really affordable prices. So my biggest fear is that I would end up with some relabeled chinese plastic plates.

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Micro rigs are the „sh*t“ right now, but if you follow us on Instagram you might know that micro rigs and RBT dont have what can be called a great relationship. So it was even more interesting for us when Husar Ltd. from Poland asked us to do a review on their approach on a micro rig, called the „Double Front Flap“. Now Husars nomenclature for their „micro rig“ already shows that those guys really understand the capacities and limits of a micro system, as they are really good as a placard, but dont really serve any purpose as a standalone chestrig.

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Today we are going to talk about magpouches and most of their variations youll find on the market. So this can be considered as an attempt on creating a basic primer on rifle magazine pouches.

Now, essentially mag pouches are just a way to safely store your ammo on your second line, while keeping your ammo quickly accessible. This is basically a simple affair but some people try to make a science out of it.

Basically we have two major form factors regarding magpouches.

We have open top magpouches which retain the magazine only by friction and we have magpouches which add a mechanical safety in form of a bungee cord or a flap which is secured either by a tuck tab, velcro, a snap, a fastex buckle or a combination of those mechanical systems.

Now those approaches can be achieved by using either rigid materials like kydex, soft fabrics like cordura or by creating a hybrid construction.

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„Mindset“ is an often used quote nowadays, almost abused I might add. But if you belong to those, who try to those who like to abuse the „focus on mindest“ to cover lacking hardskills. I got news for you! The casual abuse of „mindset“ renders the quest for mindset even more legit, more legit than ever. Because the wrong mindset starts with not being objective on yourself.

In every serious military you have some easy to remember schemes, used to issue orders or simply to remember stuff. Those schemes arent used often enough nowadays. A particular scheme the German armed forces use is A-R-C, adress, rate and conclude (In German: A-B-F – Ansprechen-Beurteilen-Folgern).

This allows you analyze the situation, make your conclusion and makes it easier to make a final approach to solve it. It is easy to remember and bomb proof, also average Joe should understand it. But how often do people adress, rate and conclude on themselves?

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Muscle Memory – The false holy grail of tactical training.

Prior to finally starting to write down this article I did my morning routine, which not only included 50 push-ups and coffee but also scrolling through Instagram. Experiences may vary, but what we see more and more are videos of various „range bros“ repeating easy weapon handling tasks in a weird robotic fashion while adding even weirder factors to this task.

We are talking of easy tasks here. Tasks like changing a rifle magazine, which is basically putting a box into a box or doing a transitions, basically dropping your rifle and bringig up your pistol. Those tasks are important to basic weapon handling but dont offer much accountable tactical value, but you see certain people dry drilling or live firing those tasks almost every day and letting them become the foundation and majority of their training routine. But why so? The most common answer you get is: „To improve my muscle memory“. If you look at such peoples training routine it would translate that their whole training is based around muscle memory, which only makes a small part of the human brain and we all should know that surviving violence will always involve all parts of your brain. So we have a serious problem here.

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Today we want to take a closer look at a small, rare and yet, very useful specialist pouch made by Mayflower RC. The Master Breacher Bag or MBB.

Mayflower Research and Consulting is part of Velocity Systems for a time now and serves as their specialist wing for developing and producing speciality nylon solutions for special forces worldwide. Mayflower RC is veteran owned and and is well known for finding simple, yet efficient solutions for unconventional problems that SF units are facing on a regular basis. None of their products has been developed for the pure sake of invention but instead to solve a very specific problem a certain unit faced somewhere on earth. This of course also is true for the Master Breacher Bag.

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Leatherman WAVE

Back in the future, in 1996 Leatherman released the first generation of its meanwhile legendary Wave. I’ve gotten one of them as a gift and I still use it to these days. General design of all Leatherman multi tool reaches back to the year of 1983, that year the company was founded and started its indescribable triumphant advance in that branch.
Why should you buy a multi-tool, like the leatherman Wave?
Well, the answer depends on your purpose what you want to do with.
Its one of those tools that I would recommend to own, no matter if you are an outdoorsman, hunter, soldier or working in Law Enforcement, as it embodies the essence of all Multitools. Like I mentioned before, I own this particular leatherman Wave for way over 20 years now and it never left me alone in any situation where I needed it. From the cold and freezing Alps to the burning heat of the Sahara, its roughly 10cm closed length and 241g of 420HC stainless Steel did its job, no matter what.

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In this review we will take a closer look at a really intresting piece of kit designed and manufactured by an US based company called THYRM. This particular piece of kit is called the Dark Vault and is basically a PALS compatible electronics case.

THYRM is well known for producing polymer based equipment solutions for a long time now, but they basically didnt offer anything that really caught my eye, until I discovered the Dark Vault. My interest in the Dark Vault started with an easy problem that may be familiar to you. Namely: „How do I protect my portable electronic devices in the field or on the range, while keeping them easily accessible?“ My first thought got out to the well known products from Juggernaut cases, but as a field electronic device I have to use the Samsung Xcover 4 smartphone which Juggernaut unfortunately doesnt support.

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Talking about assaultpacks, you might think that the market is quite oversaturated. In fact there are plenty of twelve hourish assault packs out there. So we were pretty excited to see Crossfire Australias solution on this topic. Like all other products we review, we have tested the Crossfire DG1 for quiet a long time since its release.
For me it turned out that the DG1 is a pack that comes in handy in various ooccasions. I’ve used the DG1 for heli-borne operations as well as on vehicle borne training and as a 24h minimalist survival backpack.

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