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Private Tactical Training: A Danger for Mil/LE units

Ok, maybe this articles headline was primarily a clickbait. As the ever growing, innovative and efficient tactical training industry can only offer better capabilities of development to our armed forces and law enforcement capabilities. Only? A long time ago someone told me that statements containing superlatives should always be looked at twice. So as a person working in the private training industry myself I wanted to play a little mindgame that was like “How could private tactical training harm the effectiveness of MIL/LE units?” and the results were pretty surprising.


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TacHack: My Current Belt SetUp

Talking about belts in various tactical roles and functions we first have to look at the various philophies behind setups. There is the belt kit, which for hundreds of years proved to be a reliable way to carry more and more equipment around and still is a viable option for combat patrol, recce or light infantry tasks. Equipment is moved away from your chest and placed around your hips, allowing you to carry more equipment at the cost of your gear bouncing around a little more.

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