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When you talk to tactical shooters, they frequently claim that competition shooting would hurt their tactical skills. They fear that they will negate cover, move not deliberately, and lack accuracy when they start with competition shooting. All these claims are wrong. Instead, competition shooting can boost tactical performance. It forces you to be adaptive, work under stress, and shows you where your skills are insufficient. Therefore – go out and compete!

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No matter if you are civilian, military or law enforcement. Chances are good that the firefight you have trained for will include vehicles. We are not talking armored personnel carriers or IFVs here, we are talking unarmored civilian vehicles.
No matter which environment, vehicles are usually present either as your own asset, the enemies asset, as a terrain feature or as a bit of everything. Modern urban environments are packed with vehicles, even rural areas include them. Try to remember the last day you havent seen a vehicle. I bet its been a while. In contrast, when did you see the last 9-hole-barrier while walking the streets?

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Assault Packs

The word assault pack is an often used but barely understood term. In this post we will look at the intention behind an assault pack and ways to carry them.

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Today we are going to talk about magpouches and most of their variations youll find on the market. So this can be considered as an attempt on creating a basic primer on rifle magazine pouches.

Now, essentially mag pouches are just a way to safely store your ammo on your second line, while keeping your ammo quickly accessible. This is basically a simple affair but some people try to make a science out of it.

Basically we have two major form factors regarding magpouches.

We have open top magpouches which retain the magazine only by friction and we have magpouches which add a mechanical safety in form of a bungee cord or a flap which is secured either by a tuck tab, velcro, a snap, a fastex buckle or a combination of those mechanical systems.

Now those approaches can be achieved by using either rigid materials like kydex, soft fabrics like cordura or by creating a hybrid construction.

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Private Tactical Training: A Danger for Mil/LE units

Ok, maybe this articles headline was primarily a clickbait. As the ever growing, innovative and efficient tactical training industry can only offer better capabilities of development to our armed forces and law enforcement capabilities. Only? A long time ago someone told me that statements containing superlatives should always be looked at twice. So as a person working in the private training industry myself I wanted to play a little mindgame that was like “How could private tactical training harm the effectiveness of MIL/LE units?” and the results were pretty surprising.


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TacHack: My Current Belt SetUp

Talking about belts in various tactical roles and functions we first have to look at the various philophies behind setups. There is the belt kit, which for hundreds of years proved to be a reliable way to carry more and more equipment around and still is a viable option for combat patrol, recce or light infantry tasks. Equipment is moved away from your chest and placed around your hips, allowing you to carry more equipment at the cost of your gear bouncing around a little more.

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