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„Mindset“ is an often used quote nowadays, almost abused I might add. But if you belong to those, who try to those who like to abuse the „focus on mindest“ to cover lacking hardskills. I got news for you! The casual abuse of „mindset“ renders the quest for mindset even more legit, more legit than ever. Because the wrong mindset starts with not being objective on yourself.

In every serious military you have some easy to remember schemes, used to issue orders or simply to remember stuff. Those schemes arent used often enough nowadays. A particular scheme the German armed forces use is A-R-C, adress, rate and conclude (In German: A-B-F – Ansprechen-Beurteilen-Folgern).

This allows you analyze the situation, make your conclusion and makes it easier to make a final approach to solve it. It is easy to remember and bomb proof, also average Joe should understand it. But how often do people adress, rate and conclude on themselves?

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Muscle Memory – The false holy grail of tactical training.

Prior to finally starting to write down this article I did my morning routine, which not only included 50 push-ups and coffee but also scrolling through Instagram. Experiences may vary, but what we see more and more are videos of various „range bros“ repeating easy weapon handling tasks in a weird robotic fashion while adding even weirder factors to this task.

We are talking of easy tasks here. Tasks like changing a rifle magazine, which is basically putting a box into a box or doing a transitions, basically dropping your rifle and bringig up your pistol. Those tasks are important to basic weapon handling but dont offer much accountable tactical value, but you see certain people dry drilling or live firing those tasks almost every day and letting them become the foundation and majority of their training routine. But why so? The most common answer you get is: „To improve my muscle memory“. If you look at such peoples training routine it would translate that their whole training is based around muscle memory, which only makes a small part of the human brain and we all should know that surviving violence will always involve all parts of your brain. So we have a serious problem here.

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