EVENTS: 5th IBC – Details on Schedule and Trainers

We already announced the 5th IBC, hosted by German training and close protection company Wodan Security some weeks ago.

While chatting with Wodan Securitys CEO Ralf Kassner as part of an interview, that we will release soon on Red Beard Tactical, Ralf also told us some more details about the trainers and topics of the 5th International Bodyguard Conference.

As you already might know, the 5th IBC will be hosted from september 25 to september 27 2020 at the ATAC training facility in the Czech Republic, near Prague.

Again the participants will face three days of intensive training, in various close protection related topics. The instructors for this year’s IBC will be:

Fred Mastro

Fred is a well known self defence trainer and security expert. He brings over twenty years of experience teaching self defense all around the globe. During the 5th IBC he will focus on the following topics:

  • Empty hand combat
  • Knife defense
  • Weapon retention

As Iam a avid combatives practicioner myself, well aware of the importance of self defense skills in the job and I never did a class with Mastro I really look forward for this one.

Thilo Ohrmundt

Mr. Ohrmundt will do a teaching based on his well received book “Close Protection by Reconnaisance”.

Students will learn new things about Reconnaisance in teachings and by doing varied tasks.

He is a former instructor of the German LRRP training center as well as a studied security engineer. I think that everyone who is actually doing close protection, can learn a lot during his lecture and tasks.


Christian is from an European SOF unit. He is a SOF TCCC instructor, Combat Medic, Special Forces Medical Sergeant and Paramedic. So his main focus will be tactical medicine. Topics will include:

  • A TCCC update
  • TCCC in extreme conditions like low light, no light and working in confined spaces

It’s great to hear that Wodan Security again, puts more focus on tactical medicine this year. I really like the approach of practicing under extreme conditions.


ATAC Training center will send some former Czech SOF members to host their well known UCS parcours, this will challenge the physical fitness of each attendee, as well as their shooting skills. To get things in line and ready for the parcours; Team ATAC will also provide advanced shooting training.

Walter Bizzarri

Mr. Bizzarri is the president of Universal Shield. A manufacturer of ultra lightweight ballistic shields. His lecture will be about ballistics and will focus on the following topic:

“Intel & Analysis on ballistic threat level – What ammunitions our enemies and especially terrorists are using against us”

As last year’s lecture by Dr. Kurt Pelda was about the evolved tactics used by insurgents in the middle east, Bizzarris lessons can be seen as a great complement that now focuses on a very technical side of things. This one will be very important for those who are doing the job in hostile environments.

Team Wodan

Ralf Kassner and his team are well recognized experts with SOF and close protection background.

As we attended last year’s conference, we can only say that Team Wodans methodic and didactic skills let them teach in a unique and professional way. Iam really looking forward to see Ralf and his team again

Focus of Team Wodan will be CQB and CQD, the CQD training will be done by the well known hooded box drill, that will focus on reaction and recognition time of the participant who is confronted with new situations again and again after a hooded box, blocking his view, is released from his head.

I cant say enough how important it is for people who work in close protection to expand the own mind- and skillset. The IBC is a well received event that looks great in every CV, but foremost it is an unique event as it offers a great mixture of topics which are either, a great asset for experienced professionals. But the IBC is also a great foundation for beginners or operators that have somehow ceased to train themselves and want to start refreshing their skills.

Registration will be open soon at Wodan Security. Wodan Security as well as Redbeard Tactical will also attend this year’s Enforce Tac and IWA in Nuremberg, Ralf told me that questions about the conference and all his other events are welcome and everyone should feel free to approach him personally during the show.

We will also announce the registration on Instagram

On a personal note, we would love to meet some of our readers during the conference as we will attend again as regular students.