INTRO: Discreet Inserts TERRA-B X RBT

Today’s review isn’t a real review because the product we are looking at is a design made by us in cooperation with two German gear manufacturers, so it could be a bit biased. The Discreet Insert for TERRA-Bs Discreet Pouches was born of some talks with the owner of TERRA-B regarding his product, as he, after reading our review approached us to find out what he could do better.

Discreet Pouches in large and small (top) with inserts in both sizes (Bottom)

As we already wrote in our review, the Discreet Pouch is not the primary rifle pouch we would prefer in our setup, as losing magazines is never a thing you wish to happen, be it in the field or during exercising.

The flared Opening allows for easy reindexing.

As I knew the benefits of Kydex retention from many other products like the legendary Kywi Inserts from ESSTAC and the potential of this combined with elastic retention I decided to design a Kydex insert. I did a few drawings and told the owner of TERRA-B to approach another great German company that specializes in high quality Kydex products, as the manufacturer.

The “U” shaped inserts dont require any velcro for attachment,

We realized that there were already many users of the discreet pouch out there, so securing the insert by velcro was not an option, as it would force to do modifications to the existing pouch. So we played around with different sizes and shapes of the insert, just to the point were we found a shape that would be held in place reliably, just by the elastic retention. So the installation of the insert just works in seconds. Stretch the pouch, push in the insert and you are done. This is also a benefit when you run three mag setups with, additional elastic pouches as a backup. You are now able to convert your backup pouches into reliable magazine holders, once your mission dictates to carry more mags with you.

The large Discreet pouches still allows mounting of smaller pouches.

As the elastic compressed the insert really hard we faced another challenge as reindexing got almost impossible, so we decided to add a little flare to the top of the insert. This makes reindexing magazines really easy.

The Discreet pouches are belt and PALS compatible.

As the discreet pouch is available in two sizes, being large (Rifle Mag) and small (pistol mag) we also made two inserts, one for each size. The small inserts being even able to retain not only pistol mags, but also small flashlights and batons.

The small insert also has enough space to fit other items like a small pocket knife…
… or even tactical Flashlights or batons.

Upgrading your discreet pouches with the Discreet Inserts doesn’t meant that they are “jumpable” but its almost impossible to lose mags while doing stuff on the range or on duty. If you don’t already own a Discreet Pouch, buying a set of pouches and inserts offers you a backup pouch that can be transformed into a high-speed, low-drag quick draw pouch that feels at home equally on your shooters belts sweetspot or in front of your platecarrier , or chestrig.

Product Video, showing all Features of the Discreet Insert.

The best part of this project was to see how two local gear manufacturers are working in concert while creating something desirable for the enduser. We hope that the Discreet Insert is a useful piece of equipment for your needs, as we know that your mission and not our design dictates your choices. Just feel free to try them out.

Last thing we are happy to announce is that this will not be the last design cooperation we have done. So stay tuned.

The discreet insert is available directly from TERRA-B.

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