The Green Book (Battle Book)


Not your average set of cheat sheets, not your average battle book. We managed to balance education, quick reference and forumlars in THE GREEN BOOK.

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Making a good set of slate cards, that bridges the gap between cheat sheets and a battle book was the main premise when we created the GREEN BOOK.

What this book offers you are the very basics of leadership, comms, tactics, land navigation and medicine in a compact, rewritable and weather resistant format.

The GREEN BOOK is the result of experience driven research and development. It is suited for responsible citizens as well as professional soldiers.

No matter if you deploy it in the field to keep track, or use it as an easy reader for education, it will be worth it. As it is almost indestructible, it will also fit and survive your pants pockets!


  • A5 Format (Fits most uniform pockets)
  • 32 full colored and illustrated pages
  • Matte finish and rewritable laminated pages
  • Spiral Binding


  • Basics of map reading
  • Compass use
  • Pre Combat Checklist
  • OSMEAC/ OPORD Template
  • Principles of Infantry/ Patrolling
  • Terrain Analysis Table according to OAKOC
  • Basic Formations
  • SALUTE Report
  • 11 Line SPOT Report
  • Fast FRAGORD
  • Checklist: Assembly Area Preparation
  • Checklist: PB Preparation
  • Checklist: Briefing of OPs/ Defensive Positions
  • 7S of camouflage
  • IFF Measures (Flashcode & Challenge)
  • Fire Control/ Directed Firefight
  • Range Card
  • Comms Security & Frequencies
  • PACE Template
  • Radio Etiquette
  • Comms Table Template
  • TCCC Reminder
  • MARCH Assesment
  • MIST Patient Hand Over
  • 9-Line MEDEVAC Request
  • Metrics

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