REVIEW: Black Trident STB02 TQ Sleeve

Tourniquets, everyone is carrying at least one on his loadout. Which model and how many is another question which should be discussed in another article.

Black Trident SBT02 (r) and its contents.

My tourniquet of choice is the Combat Application Tourniquet, short CAT. There are several ways to mount a TQ, from simple ranger bands, pouches, dedicated kydex holsters to even really, really weird ideas like zip ties -yeah this has been observed.

The SBT02 with contents fitted

It has always been important to me to mount at least one TQ on my first line belt. As I opt to wear my belt at all the time on the range. But with a small frame you will suddently experience that a vertical pouch will result in your TQ stabbing your stomach all the time you switch to a kneeling position.

Mounting the SBT02 to the strongside of your belt is the products intention.
This prevents the TQ from piercing your belly while crouching.

This is where Austrian holster manufacturers STB02 (Stop the Bleed) TQ Sleeve kicks in. The STB02 is a low profile minimalist solution that allows you to securely hold a CAT ot SOF-T tourniquet on your belt horizontally without adding to much weight and bulk.

The pen-slots are easily accessible.

The STB02 isnt rocket science, it is a elastic sleeve that covers around 90% of the surface of a (properly folded) Combat Application Tourniquet. It has loop velcro on the inside to interlink with belts that feature a hook velcro connection to a inner belt. It also features hook velcro on the outside if you want to continue using the inner belt. As a nice touch, it comes with a piece of loop velcro as a cover. If you don’t need the cover, don’t throw it away, it may be useful.

Closer look on the black trident label and the hook backing.
The construction adds very little bulk to your belt.

The milspec elastic is sewn together in a way that creates one big and two small elastic channels. One being sized for a TQ and the other ones being just the right size for a chemlight, sharpie or a decompression needle. Now about the possibility of carrying a decompression needle for quick access: I used to do it, but after some thought it makes absolutely no sense, its a nice option anyways and having one or two sharpies at the ready is a nice thing too.

View of the SBT02s footprint.
Easy acess with both hands.

I wont go into to much detail regarding the sewing quality, as we are talking about a sewn together piece of elastic webbing here. The elastic will rip or wear out before any of the seams will do. But it does its job and the STB02 isnt an expensive item at all.

Another view of the SBT02s rear shows that it is a small and flat package.

For me the STB02 is a game changer for the firstline, as it enables you to carry an easily recognizeable TQ in your front, relatively protected and accessible with both hands by a firm pull. It may consume more space than a vertically mounted TQ does but at least it allows you to move freely. Other applications may include carrying a TQ discreetly under a blazer or jacket.

The STB02 is available directly from Black Trident.

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