REVIEW: Snugpak SF Bivvi Bag

One of the most essential pieces of gear in everyones ruck is the bivvi bag. It not only serves as a waterproof sleeping bag cover, it also can be used as a standalone emergency sleeping bag, a stuff sack and even as a flotation device for watercrossings. Most bivvi bags you find those days are made of a three layer laminate. This opts for ruggedness and breathability but you pay for those archievements in weight and bulk. During my active service time i often replaced my bivvi bag with a poncho to reduce the bulk and opt for weight saving. But this solution resulted in getting a swamp ass while taking even a short powernap.

The Snugpak SF Bivvi Bag

As I had the opportunity to take a first look on the Snugpak Bivvy bag it seemed to be nothing else but a regular, cheapo PU Sleeping Bag cover. But after taking a closer look at the chosen material, called Paratex Dry and its unique specs I learned better. Paratex Drys unique PU coating transfers vapour water to the outside of the bivvi.

The half zippered approach works well as a failsafe

No matter what the commercials and spec sheets said, I wanted to decide if this system really is an option to three layer laminate sleeping bag covers. So I ordered one from Snugpak.

The SF Bivvi packs smaller than an a bottle

The measures of Snugpaks SF bivvi are really a selling point. Stuffed into the equipped stuffsack the system fits into ones hand. So it beats all three layer bivvis in this point. The material is a thin rip-stop, coated with Snugpaks special PU, its silent and all seams are taped. Its in fact so thin that you dont have to worry to pre equip your sleeping bag with the bivvi before you go outside.

All seams are taped, the material is super lightweight

The closure is a KISS approach, a single zipper starts at the upper half of the sleeping bag and ends at the top. Snugpak advises endusers to not completely close the zipper because oft he somewhat limited breathability compared to GTX products. But even in relatively warm weather conditions I had no issues with the bag fully closed. You also get a hood, adjustable by cordlocks and paracord.

Cordlocks adjust hood and collar

The half zipper approach also makes this bag a great stuffsack, In fact you can store the whole SF sleeping system inside the bivvi.

The reduced bulk enables you to stuff the bivvy bag into the smallest corners

Disadvantages of the SF bivvi bag are on hand, this is a high speed low drag product, its thin and not as beefy as some competitors. To make it clear ist not fragile, but I think that after some years of use you will have to replace it.

The SF bivvi bag is part of the British special forces sleeping system.
It also acts as a stuffsack for the whole system.
A smart solution to keep your sleeping gear dry.

The Snugpak SF bivvi bag is definately worth a look for all people who are trying to reduce bulk and weight of their third line.

You can get thr SF Bivvi bag directly at Snugpak.

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