Review: Velocity Systems ULV Carrier

After looking at the Low Vis Assault Carrier and the 1st Gen ULV plates we wanted to grant you a look at another “forbidden” platecarrier that you dont see every day: The Ultra Low Vis Carrier, made by Velocity Systems.

The Velocity Systems ULV Carrier is a minimalist design.

Again, the ULVC is tailored around Velocity Systems propietary ULV plates, which are not only as thin as 4mm each, but are also shaped in a way that eliminates the problem of the corners sticking out, when worn under a shirt or blazer. Tailored around those requirements, this platecarrier wont fit any other plate that Iam aware off than the Ultra Low Vis Plates.

The inside of the ULV carrier is padded.

The plate pouches feature an almost completely slick design and are made out of 500DEN Cordura. In the most recent version, Velocity Systems added a mesh backing to the inside of the front and reat plate pouches, which adds a little more comfort when hurling the thin, but very heavy, ULV plates around.

Closure is done with plain and simple velcro.

The front pouch “boasts” the most features, namely a loop velcro area for closing the carrier and attaching a placard and also two removeable SwiftClips that are attached two vertically sewn on webbing – this, again, serves the purpose of attaching a placard. Also there are two sewn on shoulder 40mm webbing shoulder straps on the front plate bag. On the bottom of the front plate bags rear youll find a small velcro flap that simply lets you insert the ULV plate. There is also some room left for the optional ULV soft armor inserts.

The iconic backplate of the ULV carrier.

On the internal mesh padding youll also find five elastic tabs on each plate bag, which allow for covert cable and comms routing.

Inserting the plates isnt a science.

The back plate pouch is almost entirely slick and features a loop velcro area for attaching the back of the cummerbund as well as two plastic ladders to tighten and adjust the shoulder straps.

From the distance you don’t even recognize that plates are inserted.

When you order the ULV Carrier you can choose between three cummerbund options. One being a slick elastic cummerbund, the other one being an elastic cummerbund with sewn in elastic pouches and another option for optional ULV side plates. I choose option two, which sports two elastic pockets when going for size medium. The elastic pockets will hold items of the size of a .223 mag or a small radio.

Under a thick shirt you wont even notice a bit of the carrier.

What you also get are two lightly padded tweave sleeves, which serve as shoulder pads and also as cable routing aids. You have the choice of keeping those for comfort or remove them for an even lower visual signature when worn under a shirt.

SwiftClips enable you to attach different placards.

Velocity Systems/ Mayflower RC managed to get the angles of the shoulder straps and the spacing between the straps to just the right numbers. So wearing the ULV Carrier is pretty comfortable.

Adding the UW Gen 4 placard transforms the Velocity Systems ULW carrier into a fighting load.

When worn under a thick shirt, pullover, light jacket or even a t-shirt the ULV carrier is almost impossible to spot, even with the 25mm SwiftClips and shoulder pads attached.

Threar matrix of the ULV Plates, here you see the second generation with anti spall. coating.

Going to from covert to overt is done by just opening the jacket and attaching a placard of your choice. I like the UW Gen 4 placard here, because it enabales you to add a complete combat loadout in seconds.

The elastic cummerbund with dividers adds some load bearing capability.

All in all the ULV carrier is, again, a very specific Plattform that will allow you to go from low signature to low profile in a fast pace. If you are working in close protection or other partially covert fields of work that require a plate carrier I can strongly recommed this product as long as you can get the plates.

The ULV carrier is available for purchase directly at Velocity Systems.

Also check out our Instagram account for more information.

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