TacHack – My loadout for IBC 2019

As we told some weeks ago, RBT attended the International Bodyguard Conference in Poland. So before the conference, which was focused on hostile environments, I looked for a specific gear setup that would fit my needs. I dont want to get to much into the first line here but I will just tell you what I took with me:

  • Top: Velocity Systems Rugby Shirt
  • Pants: Claw Gear Raider Pants
  • Shoes: Lowa Z Series boots
  • Gloves: Petzl Cordex
  • Socks: Armadillo and Point 6 Merino Socks
  • A safariland velcro Inner Belt

I also was aware of the fact that I needed a small range bag. So I decided to go with a Mayflower 24h Assault Pack. It was just big enough to carry all additional stuff I needed, but also small enough to prevnt me from overloading. Inside the pack I carried:

  • Arcteryx Softshell as a windbreaker
  • VertX Recon Base Jacket fort he colder evenings
  • Nalgene Oasis Canteen
  • Writing Material
  • A small Princeton Tec Headlight
  • Trashbags (youll need them at ever shooting range at some point)
  • A set of clear peltor shooting glasses (reserve eye pro)
  • A set of reserve foam ear plugs

So now we arrived at the point everybody is waiting for, the second line of gear. At the first part oft he IBC I carried a full war belt (Velocity Systems, Operators Utility Belt) with the following pouches mounted to it:

  • 1x Zentauron rifle speed mag Pouch
  • 2x Zentauron Pistol Mag Pouch
  • 1x Terra B Big Discreet Pouch (with a emergency Bandage)
  • 1x Terra B Small Discreet Pouch (TQ)
  • 2x Leatherman Pouch with Multitool
  • 1x Ghost International locking holster (G17)
  • 1x Neck knife with Kydex Sheath

As an inner belt I used a Warrior Assault Systems cobra belt, it did it job ok, but it could use a little bit more stiffness.

At some point of the more dynamic parts of the class I experienced my battle belt constantly shifting. This was not because the OUB is a bad product, but because of my current endurance and running regime my hips actually did shrink. The shifting wasnt just nasty, it also influenced the thumb drive of my holster. So during the next break I decided to just wear the riggers belt with the holster.

My warbelt tended to slip after some time

I got for my thrusted Velocity Systems SCARAB LT as second line, bcause I still think that this syststem is the best conventional platecarrier on the market at the moment. On the back I placed a Type 1 Assaulters Back panel which was loaded with a 1,5l Camelbak Bladder, a additional IFAK and a pouch with some boo boo kit, a vis panel and other stuff.

On the front oft he carrier I decided to go with an UW Gen IV Panel. I carried four AR 15 Magazines in the main body. I additionally carried the following gear inside.

  • Admin Pocket: Writing stuff.
  • Left GP Pocket: TQ
  • Right GP Pocket: Free for Flashbangs etc.
  • Center Pistol Pockets: 2x Pistol mags
  • Left tool pocket: Fenix Flashlight
  • Right tool pocke: Victorinox Knife
  • Bottom Elastic: TQ
  • Left & Right Elastic: 2×2 Chemlights

Slingwise I got for mayflowers minimalist sling. Over the last decade of tactical shooting I turned away from fancy slings and realised that i can simply pull one arm out of the sling when shit going really dynamic.

So this leads to another question: Where is your main IFAK? The answer is simple: Left thigh pocket. Thats beacause I wanted to carry an IFAK on person all the time, even when not shooting.

This „assaulter“ type loadout worked out very well for me. Even when working in vehicles nothing really got in the way. The assaulter backpanel was slim enough to get a good shooting chassis in car seats as well. All in all this is a concept i would prefer in every hostile environment.

So this was just a quick overview on my gear setup for IBC, if you are especially interested in particular parts oft he setup, let me know and Ill write a review.

As always check out S4 Supplies as I source most of my stuff right there.

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